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Save Money and Drive Better with Progressive Snapshot

You just got a new car, and ready to take it for a spin. Everything is going well, then you got into a car accident for speeding. Your premium rate goes up, and you are dreading the day that you were fantasizing about “Fast and Furious” while driving your new car. If you landed on this page, then you probably have seen an advertisement about Progressive Snapshot’s premium discount plan. It’s strange to see actors wearing “I love insurance” badges, but there is something important to this message. These eye-catching commercial have gotten your heart pumping about a 30% discount on the premium. How do you get this discount you ask? You simply join the Progressive Snapshot Program.

In the following article, we have numerous information and will answer common questions that are often asked about the progressive snapshot program. Take a look at what we have come up with, and determine if the Progressive Snapshot is your dream driving mentor.

What is Progressive Snapshot

If you go to the Progressive’s website, it will present you with the Snapshot program. This is a personalized plan to create a rate based on your driving record. If you are an excellent driver, then you will experience a lower rate on your insurance. This rewarding outcome will encourage anyone to drive safely and carefully on the road. The positive reinforcement will definitely make you a better driver.

 How does Progressive Snapshot work?

Basically, Progressive will install a device called “Telematic” in your car. The device is GPS operated and will analyze your car’s VIN. It records the location and tracks your driving pattern, how much you drive, how you apply your brakes at what time and at what seed. They compare your data with someone else’s data, who is in the same city with a similar vehicle.

Once it analyzes and compared your information, it is uploaded to the Progressive’s servers. Then it determines how safely or harshly you drive. 

Punishment and prices

Deceleration or braking is an important factor. Slowing down the speed of you car of more than 7 MPH will give you a ding sound from the device. Everything can be translated to you are driving wrecklessly, stop doing that or you will lose your discount. Your device dings, when you exceed 30 miles a day or drive between midnight and 4 AM. The number of dings has an inverse relation with the rate of discount. More dings, less discount. Fewer dings mean more discount!

Will driving badly increase my premiums?

This question often haunts everyone, but with the Progressive Snapshot, it answers your questions like cheating on a test. But don’t worry! More dings do not necessarily mean an increase in your premium rate. It just affects your discount rate. 

How much discount can drivers really get?

It’s really hard to say because everyone has a different answer. According to some users, they claim that they could have saved $95 dollars. But, don’t get too excited here, they only saved $95, and witness a rise in premium by $94, all this is only worth a single dollar. Some people could earn $5, but the lucky ones would earn more, so it really depends on what your Progressive Snapshot says.

Improve Your Driving Skills

The good part is that everyone gushes about how they witness a change in their driving habit. Many drivers did confirm that they saw an improvement in their driving experience. Progressive lets you monitor your driving pattern and fluctuation based on brake timing. It helps reduce your urge to speed and engage in any other reckless driving habits. You become more conscious while driving because you want to avoid getting ding. You limit your unnecessary driving time and save miles.

Can metrics from the device affect your accident claim?

Progressive is appreciated by many people for their timely reimbursement of accidents. Your device can help you in the insurance claim if you were driving safely and the accident was not your fault. On the same note, if the device shows you were driving fast and the accident was your fault, then not only will it cost you your claim but it can also be used by the opposite party to get more money from you for the damage.

Is Telematics a threat to our privacy?

 People take their privacy seriously. Afterall, it is our constitutional rights. We are scared that if we add a GPS in our car, the government agency or aliens can track us down. However, with Progressive, things like that don’t happen. When they install the GPS, it enables the device in your car to rings a bell. Progressive says your location will be tracked by a device, not for the snapshot program, but for research and development purposes. This information is not shown to customers before opting for the program, so we have nothing to worry about.

In a nutshell

We want you to dig a little deeper before going into this programme. It can make you a better driver through positive reinforcement. The safer you are on the road, the more you can save. Who wouldn’t want more money in their wallet? I know I do, so what you are waiting, let’s get Progressive SnapShot today.

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