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How to Get Reimbursement For Your Rental Car After An Accident That Is Not Your Fault

If you are involved in a car accident that has left your card totaled and destroyed in the repair shop, then you must be asking, who is responsible for paying for my rental car? You will need to get around town, work, gym, restaurants, or anywhere with the car. A rental car can be quite expensive if you need it for a week or longer. If the other driver is at fault for the accident, then their insurance company is responsible for reimbursing your rental car.  In addition, they must pay for a rental car that is very similar to yours. For example, if your car is an SUV, then the insurance company must pay for a rental car that is similar to an SUV. That means, they cannot pay for a cheaper compacted rental vehicle.

Unfortunately, there are times that reimbursement for a rental car does not come as smoothly as it should be. Ideally speaking, the liable party’s insurance company should take the responsibility of paying for both the repair and the rental car, but there are cases that are far more complicated than that. Here are some steps that you can take to ensure that you get the rental car reimbursement that you deserve. 

Have the proper information

When you get into a car accident, make sure to exchange contact information with the other party. You should get their first name and last name, phone number, address, their auto insurance information, policy number, pictures of the accidents which includes the license plate of the vehicles, and pictures of the other parties driver license. After the accident, contact your insurance company immediately to let them know what happened. This way, your insurance company can call the other parties insurance company to make sure that they make the payments for your rental car and repair.

Document the accident

After a car accident, people often ask who is at fault. Fault is determined by the testimony given by the driver and the witness. This is why it’s important to have full documentation of the accident which includes witnesses, police report, and accurate information of the accident. It is highly recommended that you photographed the scene and damage and record the witness’ contact information so you can defend your case. This is to prevent the other party from running away from his or her responsibility. If for some unfortunate events that their insurance company refuse to accept the blame, at least you have all the records and evidence that will show favor towards your case. Keep in mind that you should avoid apologizing or blaming yourself during the accident. This is so the other party can’t use that against you.

See if your insurance have a rental coverage

With all the proper evidence, such as pictures of the accident, it will prevent the other insurance company from protecting their driver by saying it’s not their fault. This will ensure evidence that it is their fault, and their responsibility to make payments on both the repair and the rental coverage. It’s also important to see if your insurance includes rental coverage as well. If they do, they can reimburse you, and then go after the other insurance company at the same time. Keep in mind that usually, your insurance company will have a limit on the amount of time that they can cover for you. After that limit, you will have to pay out of pocket.

Get a lawyer

One of the main problems with filing a claim is that it can take forever. The other parties insurance company might think that it is not their driver’s fault so they might not make the payment immediately. If anything, they might stall in order to find more evidence against you. This might leave you paying for your own rental car out of pocket until you get the reimbursement. The best thing to do is to get a lawyer to pressure the insurance company. The last thing that an insurance company wants is an expensive lawsuit. If the other parties insurance company does pay for your rental, it’s important to keep the claim until it is resolved. You should always document everything including the communication between you and the insurance company.

A car accident can leave you shaking and scared for your life. It’s important to remain calm and gather all the proper information. You should also call your insurance to see if they have any rental coverage. Don’t forget to call the other parties insurance company to let them know that they are responsible for reimbursing your rental car. If the other party does not take responsibility, you can consult an attorney to help speed up the process. Whatever the case is, it’s essential that you also have a reliable insurance company behind your back. Before any unfortunate accident can occur, you should check to see what your insurance cover or not, that way you will not be surprised at the end.

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