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Medicare Insurance

Olson Insurance understands that as we age, medical insurance becomes even more essential in our lives. When turning 65, most people become eligible for Medicare benefits, but the process of obtaining coverage can be confusing. We will work closely with you to find the proper Medicare plan to fit your budget and all your healthcare needs.  

If additional medical support is necessary, our expert agents can also identify affordable Medicare Supplement Insurance plans to support your every medical necessity.

Our team will spend whatever time is needed to explore and understand your medical requirements. We work tirelessly with our partners to present the most effective Medicare options to you for consideration. At Olson Insurance, we take pride in working side-by-side with our clients and providing outstanding customer service. Building a long-lasting relationship with our clients is our number one priority. 

Growing older should not be a difficult process. At Olson Insurance we will be by your side to make the process of selecting Medicare coverage smooth, simple and quick. 

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Features and Benefits of Olson Insurance

Olson Insurance provides home insurance at reasonable cost. Our home insurance features and benefits include protection to your dwelling, other structures, and personal property, as well as liability protection.

Dwelling Protection

This is a basic coverage of a home insurance policy. Dwelling protection covers the home structure itself and the structures attached to it like a deck or garage. With Olson Insurance, rest assured that you will get the necessary financial protection for your home against certain risks.

Other Structures Protection

Some policies do not include other structures that are not attached to the home. In Olson Insurance, we do not only protect the home structure itself, we also provide protection to other parts of your home that are not attached to the main structure. The part of your property detached from your home may include a fence, tool shed, storage room and a detached garage.

Personal Property Protection

Home insurance is not only limited to the home or other structures. It also covers personal belongings that you keep inside your home. This comes in handy when your furniture gets damaged by accident or by a fire or if your beloved belongings get stolen or vandalized. Our personal property protection will help pay for the cost of repairs and replacement of your belongings damaged, destroyed or lost due to a covered risk. If you have valuables like luxury watches and jewelry, you can also purchase an extended coverage for these items.

Liability Protection

Home insurance policy also provides liability protection. This covers you financially if someone not living with you, a visitor perhaps, gets injured while inside your home or your property. Liability protection will help you pay for the legal expenses and medical bills due to the accident or injury. You may also add a personal umbrella policy to increase your liability coverage.

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